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How To Survive! - Officer Safety and Situational Awareness

Community Bible Church
Education Building
Second floor, Room E222

2477 North Loop 1604 East
San Antonio, Texas 78232

Introduction 10:00 AM
Give brief overview of COTSO and introduce VIP’s in attendance. Survey the room to obtain general experience level of attendees. Announce free vest program.

Situational 10:30 AM
How To Maintain Situational Awareness

  • OODA Loop
  • Verbal De-Escalation – Verbal Judo Five Step Hard Style
  • Improving Memory And Observation Skills
  • Officer Survival

Lunch 12:30 PM
Sponsored by Texas Law Shield

Patrol Techniques And Officer Safety Lab Simulator 1:00 PM

  • Hands-On Using Simulator Use of Force
  • Active Threat Response Tactics
  • Tactical Defence Around A Vehicle