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Officer Memorials


OFFICER FIDEL SANCHEZ III 4/20/2011 PROFESSIONAL GUARD and PATROL   S/O Fidel Sanchez 27 was dispatched to an alarm at a construction site in Fresno TX just after midnight. On arrival S/O Sanchez approached a lone male on site and made contact. Subject shot S/O Sanchez. Subject and 3 other unknown males fled the scene on foot abandoning their stolen pick-up truck. Police have issued 3 warrants but no arrests have been made at this time. S/O Sanchez is survived by his wife and 3 children ages 6 and 5 and 2.


OFFICER JIM ANDREW LEE 3/26/2011 INDUSTRIAL SECURITY SERVICES   S/O   Lee was unarmed working an office building in Houston on 3/22/11. S/O Lee encountered a homeless person in the rear of the building. During an ensuing conflict the subject stabbed S/O Lee several times. S/O Lee died of his wounds on 3/26. S/O Lee was survived by his mother.


OFFICER JOSE BENITEZ 8/15/2010 HOUSTON DIVISION SECURITY PATROL   S/O Benitez was working in a restaurant owned by his family in Montgomery County south of Houston. A known assailant entered the facility and shot the officer without warning over a previous incident in the restaurant. A warrant has been issued but it is believed the subject has fled to Mexico.


OFFICER CRESENZIO BORQUEZ 9/18/2009 BRINK’S ARMORED   S/O Borquez 46 was making a money drop at a Chase ATM on Fort Worth Ave in South Dallas. 3 perpetrators attempted to rob S/O Borquez at the ATM. One of the subjects held him from behind and shot the officer several times. S/O Borquez died at the scene and subjects fled. Subjects were later arrested during the commission of another bank robbery 2 weeks later. S/O Borquez was survived by his wife son and daughter.


OFFICER LYLE KASTNER 7/18/2009 SAN ANTONIO INVESTIGATIONS   S/O Kastner 57 was working a bingo parlor on interstate 35 in Austin. While walking the manager to her vehicle an armed perpetrator attempted to rob the manager. S/O Kastner attempted to intervene and ordered the subject to drop his weapon three times. The subject answered by shooting the officer taking his duty weapon and fleeing the scene. S/O Kastner died at the scene. No arrest has been made. S/O Kastner an Army Veteran was survived by his wife and disabled adult son.