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Training Saves Lives

By Michael J. McGregor
Recent writings indicated two disturbing facts when it comes to security officer line of duty deaths. First, they receive little publicity. From the 9/11 attacks that left 33 security officers dead to recent events, these incidents receive little publicity or exposure. This leads to a false sense of security among officers, causing them to forget that we work in the deadliest profession in the U.S.

Secondly, statistics show that approximately 50 security officers are murdered each year in the line of duty. When you add this to the rising frequency of attacks and lack of respect for law enforcement and security, those numbers are destined to rise. Security officers are the true first responders when arriving on the scene while situations play out before the arrival of law enforcement.

Currently, the number of security officers murdered annually in the nation is higher than the number of police officers murdered. We need to approach these alarming statistics with ongoing efforts of training and pushing for legislation to reduce those numbers.

Encouraging officers to seek training on their own outside of what is offered or required by their company is just the beginning.
Incentives for officers to obtain and wear Kevlar vests, which offer protection to the officer from more than just gunshot wounds, are critical to their safety.

Officers need to be constantly aware of the events occurring around them and have to be trained to realize when a situation is deteriorating. In some cases, a tactical withdrawal is a better solution before the situation escalates. Returning with additional resources sufficient to handle the situation is not cowardly or ego threatening, but rather a tactical decision to prevent injury to the officer or others. It is much more important to avoid injury to the officer, allowing them to continue their duties instead of rehiring and retraining a replacement as well as the additional costs that are incurred when an officer is injured.

Kevlar vests can help limit the numbers of security officers that are killed or injured in the line of duty. Vests offer protection from many threats and have been proven to prevent injuries from not only gunshots, but also knives and blunt trauma.

While COTSO can help the survivor’s families, reducing the numbers of officers killed prevents the tragedy from ever occurring in the first place.

Currently, COTSO is pursuing various projects, we are discussing some new fundraising ideas.

If you have questions regarding the Fallen Officer Fund or want to advise us of an officer who has died in the line of duty, feel free to contact me. Anyone needing information on donating or participating in the FOF, call me at 214-729-0667 or by e-mail at

Until next time, remember the officers that go out every night and protect their community.

Mike McGregor
COTSO Secretary
ASSIST State Secretary