Monthly Archives: January 2007


OFFICER LUIS MANCILLAS 1/21/2007 LAKE CITY PATROL   S/O Mancillas 23 was working a Sports Bar in Stafford TX. Officer Mancillas intervened in an argument between 2 customers. S/O Mancillas was shot and killed by one of the subject who fled the No Suspects were ever charged. Officer Mancillas left a wife and 2 children.


OFFICER WILLIAM BUCHANAN 1/12/2007 AMERITEX SECURITY   S/O Buchanan stepped outside his post on Lamar Street in Dallas at approximately 0700. He was struck by an unknown hit and run driver and laid in the street for approximately 20 minutes before EMS was called. S/O Buchanan was disconnected from life support the next day. No suspects were ever charged. His remains were transported back to Arkansas to be buried where he grew up. Officer Buchanan was survived by his mother and siblings.